Scrap GL

4.11 / 5
Scrap GL

Waiting has ended! 4th follow up of gaming series Scrap Metal with title Scrap GL unblocked just been released, so grab the food, sit tight, and begin the ride you've always dreamt of. Legendary luxury sports cars, big space for driving and building intense stunt sectors -all of this fun has become multiplied with brand-new way of this series - multi-player. Yes, you hear right, this follow up includes multi-player mode, where one can enjoy from the great old Scrap Metal games together with your buddies or random individuals from around the globe. Building obstacles and overcoming them is certainly among the core options that come with this series, but additionally look into the destruction model. You are able to literary devastate your cars into scraps. If you're still hesitating about playing farmville, you're making fatal mistake, because other medication is already playing experiencing the game. Total freedom delays! Have some fun car games unblocked

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