Mitos is

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Mitos is

Mitos.this is an informal unblocked multi-player game inspired by Agario. Farmville adds result-oriented elements for the Agar action, including equipment and speed controls. You'll be able to collect coins that are scattered across the map and rehearse those to buy a new challenge. These may enhance your status and increase your maneuvers. You'll find 3 available modes: free for individuals, capture the flag, and solo. Another game mechanics are similar: eat objects as well as other players to build up bigger. Be careful about infections: to eat one you'll separated into many little cells. Have a great time! Game controls Make use of mouse to move Double left click or space bar to split up Hold left click or W to shoot Shift to get in slow movement Ctrl to avoid movement's just like a browser game, so when cell phone applications on Android and iOS. DeveloperThis game is created by Freakinware Limited.

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