Paper io

3.5 / 5
Paper io unblocked can be a brand-new .io game you need to expand your territory in the spotlight! When the game starts, you've got a tiny block. However, additionally you control a moving box. You need to capture territory to blend it with the block you control. To get this done, just form a line and link it for your owned territory. Try not to touch your individual line additionally, because you will die! You may even crush opponents by hitting them while they're creating a line. Start to capture territory step-by-step. Is it possible to own the map and dominate the leaderboard in this particular great multi-player game? Enjoy! DeveloperThis game is created by, an online agency from Saint Petersburg. ControlsUse the arrow strategies of gradually slowly move the box. unblocked , hacked ,
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  • Mamoth Mamoth 11 ay önce

    Too many advertisements and its too long.